BNI Synergy Chapter Visitor Day 17 March 2022. 41 Visitors attended our meeting today. 

Meeting new people, Networking & Discussing the question "How could your story / business be different a year from now" #BNI #BetterTogether

6 Steps to BNI Success 
Colin Horner thinking out loud in Thortspace visualising 6 Steps of the #BNI Journey




Education Moment #BNI Podcast 748 @IvanMisner 'The Willing Conversation' 

4 things you need to do to receive more effective referrals from the members of your BNI Group. Summarised by Colin Horner #CreativeCollaboration #BetterTogether #LifeLongGrowth

If you are a business owner

and would like to grow your business or client base, then BNI is for you

Visit a Chapter & see How your Business will Benefit #Referrals #BetterTogether #CreativeCollaboration Colin Horner


The Why of #BNI

BNI offers many benefits to the Business Professional

#Referrals #CreativeCollaboration #BetterTogether Colin Horner




Word of Mouth Network Marketing - Less is More

for a Weekly presentation use 100 words or less

and use the 4 P's Purpose, Prepare, Practice & Present and...Be Specific #BNI #BetterTogether #CreativeCollaboration Colin Horner


Logging your BNI Member Activities



Ensuring you are found in the Online Marketplace

Learn Digital Marketing in #BNI Connect



#LifeLongLearning 2022 -  Mini Workshop 20 Jan 2022 15:00 SAST




#LifeLongLearning 2022 -  Mini Workshop 20 Jan 2022 15:00 SAST




BNI Global Convention 06-08 Oct 2021
3 Time Zones 3 Days of Learning and Networking

nd out what’s happening at BNI

The Latest From BNI

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