Ideal preparation for a 121 meeting - optimise your own BNI Profile, Revisit #BNI Podcast 665 @ivanmisner 5 ways to turn your Profile into a Referral Generating Machine #CreativeCollaboration #BetterTogether #LifeLongLearning - Colin Horner


How to run a Referral Reality Check Report - #BNI Chapter Meeting Agenda

#Accountability #BetterTogether - Colin Horner 


Key points to bear in mind - before you attend a #BNI Chapter Meeting

Be Prepared to meet Members, speak about your business, but not promote your business.  Use the Networking time before and after the meeting to make connections
Let's Connect We are #BetterTogether - Colin Horner


BNI Feature Presentation - 'Business in your Pocket'

Using BNI Mobile Technology to Find, Connect & Engage with Network Partners

and...Grow your Referrals #CreativeCollaboration #BetterTogether - Colin Horner


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